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Online Futures Trading

Online Futures Trading

Online futures trading is viewed by many as being one of the more complex forms of online trading. In reality, futures trading is no more complicated than any other type of online trading. At the root of all futures trading is the concept of deferred delivery. Simply put, this means that a price is agreed upon today for an asset that will be bought or sold at a future date.

If the approach to online futures trading could be described in one sentence, it would be the prediction of the value of a specified asset at a future date so as to increase profit margins or reduce the risk of loss. Prediction carries with it the inference that nothing is certain.


Although minimum price limits, price change limits and position limits for futures contracts are set by futures exchanges, online futures trading is nevertheless a high risk type of trading. For this reason, online futures markets are neither for the conservative trader nor for the inexperienced trader looking simply to dabble in online markets. As an online futures trader, you will need to be willing to put a significant amount of time into researching futures markets and contracts. You will also need to closely monitor the market and be able to make predictions on future commodity prices.

In the event that you are set on playing the online futures market, there are ways that you can reduce the risks of loss. If you are looking to play as safe as is possible, you can add your personal funds to a commodity pool. The profits you receive may be less than if you were trading alone, but the risk is also proportionally shared. In addition, you will also gain the advantage of being able to simultaneously invest in a number of different commodities.

Alternatively, you can put the stressful task of researching and scrutinizing the market on to the shoulders of an expert. Opening up an account with a recognized broker and allowing them to trade on your behalf can significantly reduce the risk of financial loss. Online brokers are common in the United States where online futures' trading has taken off significantly. Futures e-brokers in the United Kingdom are slightly harder to come by, so you may have to dedicate some extra time to finding a decent one. Make sure that the broker you choose is registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and National Futures Association or equivalent regulatory bodies.