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Xerox Toner Cartridge

Xerox Toner Cartridge


In less than a century the Xerox Corporation has enjoyed such success that their brand name has become a byword for copying and can be found in the dictionary as both a noun and a verb. Today Xerox has an enviable reputation for developing a broad range of quality printing solutions; from cutting edge multifunction hardware to innovative document management software.

All Xerox toner cartridges can be bought online at www.xerox.com. To help you find the right cartridge you can browse by printer model or key-in the specific replacement part number. If you're still having problems you can talk to a Xerox representative by dialing 1-800-822-2200. Shipping costs depend on the overall price of the order, although it's free if you spend more than $50. You'll receive an email confirmation of your purchase and all orders can be tracked online.


Keen to secure an even greater slice of the lucrative replacement toner cartridge market; Xerox has developed a range of 'compatibles', which can be used with HP and Apple printers. Prices are lower than OEM cartridges, quality is guaranteed and Xerox even promises that you'll get a higher print yield.

The Xeroxing process was the brainchild of a frustrated patent clerk named Chester Floyd Carlson. Born at the onset of the depression Carlson had difficulty finding work that would put his physics degree to full use and instead took a job with an electrical manufacturing firm named Mallory's. Frustrated by the time consuming and costly process of photographically reproducing patent drawings; Carlson put his mind to finding a solution. After scores of rejections the first xerographic copier was built in 1949 by Xerox, followed by the first laser printer in 1977.

Big businesses generally aren't known for their environmental awareness. However, Xerox proves a welcome exception to the rule. Their recycling and remanufacturing programs have saved thousands of tonnes of used cartridges form becoming landfill.

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