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Toner Refill FAQ

Toner Refill FAQ

How easy are toner refill kits easy to use?

Toner refill kits vary from the sublimely easy-to-use to the ridiculously complicated (depending on which model of printer you have). In some cases it's as simple as removing the printer cartridge, opening the hopper and pouring in the fresh toner. However, OEMs are making toner cartridges increasingly difficult to refill at home and some are completely 'tamper proof' (employing a one-piece sealed plastic casing). Check your specific model before making any decisions.

Will using toner refill invalidate my printer's warranty?

Contrary to popular belief the answer is 'no', nor will it affect your maintenance contract. It would be laughable for an OEM to refuse to repair a machine on the grounds that you are not using their own-brand paper and the same goes for toner. However, any damage that's directly attributable to the use of non-brand toner won't be covered. It's a fine line to tread and one that OEMs like to keep quiet.


What savings will I make?

Toner refill kits tend to weigh in around the $20-40 mark, although you may have to purchase a separate 'tool kit' (another $20). OEM cartridges on the other hand can cost anything form $80-300.

How many times can I use toner refill?

Using refill is an economical way to extend the life of your toner cartridge, but it won't go on forever. General wear and tear on the cartridge means that after two or three refills the quality of your prints will be compromised (it's usually the printer drum that goes first). If you're determined to do things on the cheap; you can then send your cartridge for remanufacturing.

Is there any difference in print yield?

Refilled toner cartridges don't print as many pages as OEM cartridges, simply because it's impossible to fill the toner hopper completely by hand. This means that you may have to refill more frequently than expected.

Is toner refilling safe?

The 'ingredients' of toner refill vary from supplier to supplier; so it's impossible to give a definitive answer. However, it would be highly irresponsible (and a short sighted business strategy) for a manufacturer to sell a product that could prove hazardous to health. To avoid toner inhalation, wear a dust mask. Refill in a well-ventilated room, or better still; outside.