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Samsung Toner Cartridge

Samsung Toner Cartridge


Samsung began life in 1938 and in less than a decade has grown to become the backbone of Korea' s manufacturing industry. Besides consumer electronics the Samsung stable of companies produces everything from precision glass to petrochemicals. However, it's their range of affordable high-spec printers that are making waves in offices and homes across the United States .

Considering the value of the worldwide toner cartridge market (which has now overtaken the printer market); it's puzzling that Samsung doesn't have an online store selling directly to the customer. Instead they rely on a network of third party suppliers. Visit www.samsungusa.com, type-in your printer model number and you'll get a price comparison for your particular replacement cartridge across a number of suppliers. Note that prices don't include shipping and retailers quoting the lowest prices often make up for lost revenue with inflated shipping costs. Alternatively you can pinpoint a local store by keying-in your zip code. Samsung also operates a 'consumable' supply depot in Texas which can be reached by calling 800-459-3272.


You don't have to spend long on the web to realize that there are a host of less costly alternatives to investing in an Original Equipment Manufacturer's replacement cartridge. However, it's important to understand that cutting corners is likely to compromise print quality. Using remanufactured and refilled toner cartridges may also invalidate your printer's warranty.

To visit Samsung's website CLICK HERE