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Step by step toner refill instructions

Step by step toner refill instructions

If you're thinking about buying a toner refill kit, the first step is to make sure that you've carefully read the instructions. Refill kits vary in complexity from idiot-proof sixty second wonders to fantastically complex kits that seemingly require a doctorate in applied mechanics to understand.

Instructions depend on which type of printer you have, although they can be loosely divided into two categories:

Drill-n-fill kits

Manufacturers of this type of refill kit boast that the job can be easily completed in less than 10 minutes. Each kit contains a 'heating iron' that's used to burn a hole in the toner hopper casing (accompanying instructions tell you where to locate the hole). Drilling doesn't work as it creates debris which can block the printer. The toner is then poured into the hopper with the help of a squeezable funneled bottle. Each kit comes with a bung to close the hole afterwards. This type of kit is the closest thing to a universal refill in the marketplace.


Disassembly kits

Commonly used with inkjet printers; this method of refilling cartridges is becoming less and less common as OEMs work hard to develop 'tamper proof' toner cartridges. However, some types are cartridges are still remarkably easy to fill in this manner. Instructions detail how you gain access to the toner hopper (sometimes it's a simple plug or a case of undoing a couple of screws) and kits often include any supplemental tools that you may need.

When refilling toner cartridges; choose a well-ventilated room to minimize chances of accidental inhalation. Make sure that the printer is switched off before you remove he toner cartridge. Toner is easily spilled so it's a good idea to cover your work surface with a couple of sheets of newspaper before you begin.

Note that all Original Equipment Manufacturers recommend using their own-brand replacement cartridges to ensure that their equipment functions at its best. Cartridges can be refilled between two and five times before parts become worn and print quality degenerates.

If all of the above sounds too much like hard work, but you still want to save money and do your bit for the environment, why not consider having your toner cartridge remanufactured?