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HP Toner Cartridge

HP Toner Cartridge


HP toner cartridges are designed to enhance the performance of all HP printers and the company is keen to remind customers that 'If you're not using HP toner, you're not getting HP printing'. It's a simple line of reasoning and one that ensures a high degree of customer loyalty.

Today HP is best-known for providing performance printing solutions. However, back in 1939 printing was the furthest thing from Bill Hewlett's and Dave Packard's minds. In a garage in what would later become Silicon Valley ; the company's founders began commercial life developing a sound oscillator for Walt Disney Studios.

It wasn't until the early 1980s that HP launched their first inkjet printer, swiftly followed by the HP LaserJet line (still the company's most successful product). Today HP is a giant in the world of printing; boasting more than 150,000 employees across the globe and an enviable annual revenue of approximately $80 billion.


So what has made HP such a story of success? The answer lies in their product range. HP has built up a solid reputation for innovation, cost effectiveness and reliability. And that's exactly why it makes sense to use HP replacement toner cartridges, rather than cutting costs and compromising quality with independent remanufacturing/ refilling operations.

In 1991 HP was one of the fist 'big name' manufacturers to address environmental concerns about the amount of waste generated by the replacement cartridge industry. To date their Planet Partners program has recycled more than 92,000 tonnes of HP LaserJet and inkjet cartridges. Most laser jet cartridges are shipped in reusable packaging, which can be returned for recycling free of charge. The scheme is currently being rolled out across Africa and Asia .

The best staring point when looking for replacement cartridges is www.hpshopping.com . You can search for cartridges using the printer model or the specific part number and if you still aren't sure there's a toll-free helpline (Tel: 1-888-999-4747). Shipping charges vary and HP runs frequent complimentary promotions. All transactions are secure and you can check the status of your order at any time.

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