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Canon Toner Cartridge

Canon Toner Cartridge


Canon is one of the true heavyweights in the world of optical imaging. Founded in 1933 in a small apartment in downtown Tokyo; Canon has grown and diversified to become one of the biggest names in printing technology.

In 1982 Canon developed the world's first 'all-in-one' toner cartridge, which meant that businesses could do away with expensive technicians; as cartridges could now be changed by anyone. In turn this spurred domestic use and laser printers found their way into an increasing number of homes.


By incorporating most of the easily worn components of the printer head (notably the photosensitive drum and the developing unit) into the toner cartridge itself; Canon could ensure that print quality would never be compromised. It was a radical redesign, but one that would be quick to catch on. Canon had set the benchmark.

Not a company to rest on its laurels, Canon has continued to develop innovative printing solutions. Most recently they have patented a new type of wax-based toner (S-toner) which allows print fixing without the need for oil; meaning vivid colors without any unwanted 'shine'.

Canon was also one of the first companies to see the environmental implications of building so much of the 'printer' into the 'cartridge'. In 1990 they set up a toner recycling program which has since collected more than 81,000 tonnes of used cartridges.

Canon doesn't supply toner cartridges directly to the consumer. However, by visiting their website at www.canon.com you'll be directed to trusted third-party suppliers and find links to authorized online stores. More economical options include independent remanufacturing companies and home refill kits. However, such measures are likely to yield inferior print results and invalidate your printer's warranty. If you want to get the best results form your Canon printer, use a canon toner cartridge.

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