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Brother Toner Cartridge

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Brother began life trading as the Yasui Sewing Machine Company in 1908 and it would be nearly eighty years before the first printers rolled off their production lines. Today Brother is widely recognized as a market leader in the printing industry; producing innovative solutions ranging from electronic labelling machines to state of the art multifunction devices.

Brother's keen environmental eye has won them international plaudits, but it's the reliability and affordability of their products that keeps winning them custom. In a little over 20 years they've managed to make a serious dent in the laser printer market as well as being the world's largest manufacturer of fax machines. Brother's R&D team has also made a name for itself, famously developing the world's smallest mobile printer; the pocket sized MPrint.


To get the most out of your laser printer, Brother recommends that you use their own brand replacement cartridges. Brother toner cartridges can be independently remanufactured or refilled; however, print quality is often compromised and you may find that you have inadvertently invalidated your printer's warranty.

With the replacement toner cartridge market now worth more than the printer market; it seems slightly short-sighted of Brother to not sell cartridges directly to the consumer. Instead their website offers a pricing guide (you can find the recommended retail price by choosing the model of printer or the part number) and then directs you to trusted third party suppliers. While it may at first seem an unnecessarily long winded process; it does ensure that you end up with the right product at the right price.