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Teams to Build

Teams to Build

What teams need building?

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Within an organization there are many teams. Right at the very top is the board of the company, and then there is the senior management team. Below this are many rows of hierarchy and within this are many different teams such as middle management teams, management teams and then smaller teams of employees. Each team has been put together for a specific reason and each team has to be able to perform their task properly. That rarely happens naturally, instead to get a team to behave like a team and perform like a team you have to build the team. As you'll find out on this site - that isn't easy, but as you'll also find out on this site, if you do it properly it can be very rewarding.


The board has to perform as a team because ultimately they guide the company and the company's health depends on them. The board are effectively the people who represent the interests of the owners (shareholders) in the company, which is a very big responsibility. You need people on the board to perform different functions. There needs to be a financial director, in charge of finance, then you need to have a chief executive or managing director, and then you have the chairman - who is effect in charge of the board. The CEO and the FD may be the only executive (full-time) directors, and then there will be other non-executive directors who do not work within the company. These people may only meet once a month - but still need to act as a team. When they first get together a team building exercise is important.

The senior management team will work together to actually run the company. They do this every day, and there will be managing directors, finance directors, marketing directors, sales directors and they guide the company as well and make the decisions about how the company's resources are allocated. They need to work as a team and team building is important for that.

Then there are the management teams that run through the company. The idea is that each set of managers who compete for the company's resources need to be able to communicate well with each other and also be able to understand the values and the strategy of the company so the senior managers communicate it to them and they can communicate it to their subordinates. Again these people need to be built as a team.

There are also employee teams and they have team leaders. You need to be able to build teams all over the organization which is why there is employee team building, management team building, business team building and overall corporate team building.