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Team Building Workshop

Team Building Workshop

What are the different types of team building workshop?

Team building workshops are essentially a collection of activities which are intended to accelerate the creation of team spirit to help bring to your organization the benefits of trust, collaboration and high performance.

The best team building workshops will have as many of the factors that lead to a team's success integrated into them. Each team that is created within an organization will have specific purposes, outcomes and goals and the target of the workshops will have to be cognizant of these. Then you need to create the energy through a combination of inspiration and aspiration that can be the oxygen of a new team. You then need to make sure that going forward the team members have the correct attitude so that the team points in the right direction and can count on the correct commitment level from its constituents. The final push that team-building workshops try to create is motivation.


One kind of team building workshop is where there is a chance for team members to talk about the goals of the team, and try to agree on the common purpose that will unite the team together in order to attain it. This is a heavily facilitated workshop aimed at arriving at one powerful vision or message which can communicate the intention and outcomes of the team. This is useful when you have a technical team or a project team that has to deliver a specific outcome within a short time scale and has to work quickly.

If you want to get the team going even quicker you can try another facilitated team building workshop which can help build motivation into the team so that they can be jump started into focused action. This is useful when there are demanding deadlines and targets to meet for technical and sales teams.

Storytelling is becoming an integral part of training and other change management tasks. Stories can communicate concepts well - even the most complex ones. They can also be very influential if used properly. It is basically a presentation style which can be fascinating, engaging and enlightening, creating anticipation, curiosity and a healthy amount of emotional engagement amongst the team members. Metaphors and stories can be created to bring home important points to those who need to understand the importance of the task ahead of them an in particular the need for them to trust their team members. Storytelling is especially good for teams that need advanced communication skills to achieve their goals.

Other types of team building workshops are mysteries which can be specially created to mirror an event in your organization and need to be solved by the team, in addition to games and challenges for the team to take part in.