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Team Building Tools

Team Building Tools

What kind of team building tools are there?

There is no doubt that team building and building individuals into a cohesive group is an art form. Group dynamics are not something that can be forced and it takes great skills to get people to that goal. Several toolkits have been created to allow team builders to improve their ability and artistry is achieving group goals, and we can now look at some of them.

There are certain topics that need to be addressed in any team builders' toolkit in order to learn how to improve team effectiveness in the workplace as well as collaboration. First, you need to be able to set the ground rules and the expectations. Then you need to understand how to brainstorm and learn the different brainstorming techniques. Other team building tools are the ability to lead change, to get from defining your goals to achieving lasting agreements. Then you need to be able to handle differences of opinion quickly and build lasting consensus amongst the team. Finally you need to make sure people are reminded that listening is based on the facts, not on interpretations. Interpretations are what leads to misunderstandings because people don't look at the facts of what people have said and done.


Team builders' toolkits are all well and good, but they are what is written down and you are not getting human to human interaction and the ability to learn from someone whom you can ask questions to. This is why there are team building workshops and seminars that can help to provide you with the tools for team building. Ultimately, you can have the trainer trained and can get team leadership courses through presentations, video showcases and interviews to make sure the particular program can meet your needs. Ultimately, if you can be taught how to train your own teams within your organizations that is a better long term solution.

An even more effective version of this is peer coaching, which is reckoned to be the best tool for gaining effective collaboration and teamwork. This is a tool to help you work with people best and guide them to the best solution, with the emphasis again on repeatable solutions.

Ultimately, there are give qualities for effective teamwork, and if your team building tools can achieve these then you can really get somewhere. First is safety - the absence of threat. Then there is participation - with all members of the group involved. Then there is spontaneity - the ability to be flexible according to the best interests of the group without distractions. The team needs effectiveness - so they accomplish what they set out to do. Finally there is recognition - so people in the team see they are recognized for their contributions and accomplishments.