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Team Building Techniques

Team Building Techniques

What are good team building techniques?

Plenty of people will give you advice on techniques for successful team building, and we are no different. Here are our tips and techniques for pushing your team towards peak performance.

Firstly, you should use the tendencies of each individual to the advantage of the team. Everyone should feel for instance that they are the best player on the team. You should take each player's stronger skills and showcase them to the other members of the team. Essentially you stroke the ego of each player to gain an advantage. If you have an analytical type in the team, correct them only when they are not in front of other team members. When things are going well focus on the person that is more happy go lucky. Praise the risk taker in front of the other team members and ask the person about the decisions they make. If there is a controlling type, you should find a skill they perform well and have them teach this to people on the team who are weaker.


Secondly - there are another group of techniques that sports coaches use to push their team to peak performance. The first is to make sure that everyone knows the big picture - what the team's goals are. Then make sure everyone knows the specific skills that would be needed to attain the goal - how will people reach the big picture. Then everyone needs to be ready to work toward the goal - choose the practice and the planning that can help you attain the big picture. Then you should find a way to get your team members to demonstrate a performance that is consistent over a long time period - and gain commitment to that happening.

This four point plan should be used for building teamwork - and on top of that you should schedule and project "kick-off" meeting for the whole team. Start off this very first team meeting by setting a realistic agenda for the team. You need to set the tone for the whole project at this meeting. Ultimately, you must ensure that from the very start you are emphasizing the importance of the team over the individual.

For some people, being in a team can be a bit of a love/hate relationship. It doesn't matter what team building techniques that you use, you need to embrace the parts of the being in a team that people love and smooth out the parts of working in a team that people hate. Every team is different, as every person is different. The best team leaders understand this and use the correct team building techniques for the strengths and weaknesses of their team members.