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Team Building Strategies

Team Building Strategies

What are good team building strategies?

Team building is not a simple process and takes a lot of planning. You need to understand where the team is now, where its individual components are now and where you want to be in the future and what you have to do to get there. This needs the involvement of successful team building strategies, where the elements of effective team building are planned out carefully to achieve the goals of the team.

These elements start with a hook to engage the interest and excitement of the team. You could try the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as the basis to help the team learn about the relationships within their environment. People also like it as it is about themselves, and they can see what they bring to the team. They can also see how they are different and why they are different and so you can take the step to managing the differences.


Then you have to guide the team through the different steps of making a team - the forming (sizing up each other, assessing the strengths and weaknesses in the group), the storming (everyone challenges each other), the norming (where group rules are developed so that people can work together) and then the performing (accomplishing the mission). You have to go through these phases one by one - don't miss a stage or the team experience will not be so effective.

The team building session should be fun, liberating and engaging, giving people "air time" so that people can explore ideas. People should get out their fears, doubts and angers in a civil context and avoiding wars developing. A course should be charted for the team with milestones created for working together leading to the "home run" which is the ultimate team accomplishment.

During the team building session the next steps should be identified to ensure that team members understand that the results of the workshop will be followed through and not be like dry ice at a rock concert - where you get eerie smoke but no fire.

A vital team building strategy is to establish a communications plan so that everyone in the team understands what each member does and who to call when there is an issue.

Good team building strategies can be the difference between team building being boring and a waste of time or a vital group achievement tool.