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Team Building Skills

Team Building Skills

How do I develop my team building skills?

Well, first thing that you need to do is to work out what your own personal team player style is. If you want to be able to form a team that is effective in complementing your strengths and your weaknesses then you need to know your team player style. Once you have done this for yourself, you need to identify the team player style, strengths and weaknesses of the other members of your team. All through this process you should bear in mind that your group will accomplish more as a team than it would as isolated individuals.

To find out what your team player style is there are some interesting questions that you need to ask yourself and your team. By getting all members of this team to answer these questions you can find out your team strengths and weaknesses and then form a strategy to increase team effectiveness. As with every survey, you cannot answer these questions wrong and you cannot answer them right. If you do not answer them honestly then you will find it hard to build a team from the results. You must answer them as they refer to you now instead of how they refer to how you used to be or how you want to be in the future.


Some of these surveys will ask you to pick the best answer, and others will ask you to rank four answers to the questions in order for how they apply to you. Concentrate on the answers - each one will mean something!

A) How do you act during team meetings?
B) How do you relate to your team leader?
C) How do you react under stress?
D) How do you act when conflicts arise on a team?
E) How do other members of your team usually see you?
F) Are you too laid back or too results oriented?
G) What do you usually do when things go wrong on a team?
H) What would you regard as a risky contribution to a team?
I) Do other team members see you as a nitpicker or not serious about getting things done?
J) What do you believe team problem solving requires?
K) What do you do when the team is forming?
L) How do you make other people feel?
M) What do you think the role of team leader is?
N) One what do you think team decisions should be based?
O) Do you often find that you think team climate is an end in itself?
P) Do people normally regard you as independent or participative?
Q) Do people regard you as honest and hardworking?
R) When you relate to other team members do you find yourself getting annoyed at anything in particular?