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Team Building Ideas

Team Building Ideas

Where do the best team building ideas come from?

Well, it's probably a feature of many organizations that the team leader is expected to come up with the team building ideas. However, it is probably more effective when the team building ideas come from the members of the team. Some team leaders think that the only way to keep their position of authority is to control the team building process but we do not thin that this is true. It is more likely that when you allow your team members to participate in the process of team strengthening it will reinforce that you value what they want to say and help them to accept that you believe in them.

Learning by doing is most one of the most effective team building ideas available. As people learn how to be a great team member they will start to generate more ideas about how to build and further strengthen the team. If people are just doing the job that is their "pigeon hole" and are not getting the chance to participate in all areas of team building then they will not be able to build their confidence and you may find it hard to build a sense of equality amongst the members. So involve them all.


If it is possible to arrange this within the budget of the business, then you should use team building seminars to generate good team building practices and team building ideas. If you can get the team together outside their regular place of work in a seminar setting then you can bring them closer together as a team. In addition to gaining from the presentations and exercises that they would partake in, taking the team on a team building seminar will show them that management cares that they are working together well and a positive re-enforcement of the importance of them being comfortable in their working environment.

Another way of generating team building ideas is for you to encourage your team to read some team building books. There are also online sources of team building ideas, plus interactive board games and card games and quizzes which can serve to bring the group together and help you to build a strong team. It is a wise investment to spend money on generating ideas for team building in order to create a lasting group that want to develop together and stay together.

The point that we are making is that team building ideas can be generated by encouraging people in the team that you are leading to lead themselves. The concept of self-leadership helps team members to focus on individual responsibility which can in turn strengthen the whole company. This makes your pieces whole, and makes sure your whole isn't in pieces.