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Team Building Games

Team Building Games

What team building games are there?

Team building is an interesting area of man Team building is an interesting area of management because of the variety available. There are hundreds of exercises and activities available and you can go on team building courses from a few hours long to a few days because of the variety available. Team building seminars include a variety of games, and here we look at some of them.


Obstacle Challenge - a fast paced relay for teams where each team has one sweatshirt, that they have to change for each person as they go.

Wall of Success - essentially a wall climbing challenge where each member of the team clambers up the wall and comes down again for the next person to go.

Gladiator Joust - Like the famous game in "Gladiators", team members get up one by one on top of a pedestal and try to knock their opponents off their pedestal with joust poles.

Inflatable Super Hoops - a game of double inflatable basketball with each team sending a player in to a basketball relay.

Bungee Run - Each team has one player attached to a bungee chord and they race down inflatable lanes trying to get as far as they can to place a Velcro baton down.

Surgery - Giant version of the game "operation". Every team member has to try to remove a bone without touching the side of the cavity. Once a bone is removed the next team members goes.

Interactive Scrabble - there is a sea of balls holding letters. Two team members find balls, pass them to team members who try to make words - which are of equal value - although you can have double points for keywords about your own company.

Velcro Drag Race - A relay game where people wear super gravity Velcro boots and then race a course

Team Banner - Each team has to create a banner for their team and points are awarded for originality and creativity.

Commercial - each team has to create a commercial for their company, or for the particular product or service that they are involved with as a team.

Newspapers - each team puts together a page of a newspaper which reports on their company or on the product and services - so they can envision how the public will hear about it.

Raft-building - teams get given the same set of materials to build a raft with and then need to get the raft across a river in a race without getting wet and as fast as possible.

Board Game - teams design and build a board game based upon snakes and ladders which represents the project that they are working on. The process of seeing the process piece by piece and working out what the ladders and the snakes would be is particularly useful.