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Team Building Exercises

Team Building Exercises

What are good examples of team building exercises?

One of the best things about team building is that there is such a wide range of exercises to take part in which gives enormous variety and can serve all the different purposes required for building a team.

One type of team building needed is a holistic seminar built around the values, the messages and the new products or services of a company. One great example of the way team building can work in this way is provided by the exercises run by production companies.


For example, the teams can act as an ad agency, creating ads for newspapers, radio, magazines and TV to present to other teams. They could then write and produce a 60 minute commercial for the company. Perhaps they could produce a short movie instead using different genres. Or a music video could be produced on the same subject. It is even possible to make an entire TV show - for instance a company news show.

Other creative team building exercises could be the designing, building and playing of a board game using the goals and objectives of the organization. You can also design corporate cartoons with the help of a professional artist. Other exercises with a creative bent you can do for team building are to design mini golf courses and corporate greeting cards.

These may seem some rather off the wall activities, but it is the environment that is created that makes these creative team building exercises so effective. It enables team members to optimize creative abilities, learn collaboration with others, develop good communication skills, improve their problem-solving skills and enhance their interpersonal skills.

But there are also some team building exercises which are more expansive in what they are trying to achieve. They try to promote experiential learning within the exercises and call for more follow through to ensure that the learning is entrenched for the future.

For instance, you can play a form of treasure hunt called City Sleuths, where teams get written riddles and they need to identify areas of the city where you can go to get some information in order to answer riddles. These have been developed for particular cities in the U.S.A and will probably be taken around the world.

Another group of team building exercises are those on ropes programs where activities are carried out on low and high ropes. This helps teams to develop trust, improve communication, value personal style differences, sharing leadership and being followers as well as achieving performance standards to share.

There are also a range of other outdoor exercises as well as those that can be carried out indoor. What connects them is that they should serve a properly planned purpose in team building, rather than being isolated activities.