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Team Building Events

Team Building Events

What team building events are there?

Seminars - Outdoor work - Workshops - Speakers - Activities - Training

In this section we look at the different types of team building events that exist. Team building can take place over very short periods such as a few hours up to about 10 days if it is really necessary. Since there is a large range of team building events available it is worth having a look at the options in front of you so that you can choose what is right for your particular team.

That is an interesting question though. What is your particular team about? Is your team a few people doing a small technical project, or is it a larger team doing a major creative project. Is the team at the lower level of the organization, or is it a team of middle managers or even the senior management team or the board. The team building event that you use should be appropriate both to the constitution of your team and also for the task that the team has to accomplish.


Sometimes, an entire organization is counted as a team and then the team building event has to be able to take in the whole organization. This can depend on the size of the organization. For instance, if it is a small organization of about 20-30 people then a team building event could be going away for the weekend and taking part in an outdoor activity course, working in teams within the organization. We look at outdoor team building courses, what they constitute and what activities are involved in them.

If it is a very large organization then you may not be able to take everyone away but you still need the organization's values to be implanted in people within the organization. For this you may be better off getting a team building speaker. We tell you how to find the better team building speakers. Interestingly, some organizations invite in team building speakers and leave them to their own devices in what they say. Good team building speakers will find out what you want as an organization and what you want to achieve and work with you to make the session as productive as possible.

We also look at some mistakes that people make when putting together team building training courses. The original team building courses seemed to be arranged by people who dressed funny and talked funny and thought themselves to be gurus. The sessions involved everyone telling each other what they didn't like about each other - which can be self-defeating. Some people send teams on outdoor team building activities with nothing to gain from them except for people to look macho. Some team building courses are just people reciting a book they once read.