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Team Building Components

Team Building Components

What are team building components?

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This section of the site breaks down team building into its component parts. It can give you a good idea of what to expect when you go on a team building course. We cannot cover everything that happens in team building but we can give you some good ideas.

Talking of ideas, one of points that we make in this section is that when a team comes together not enough managers look to the members of the team to come up with useful team building ideas. If you are trying to mould a group of individuals into a team that is more than simply the sum of its constituent parts then obviously you are more likely to gain commitment from the members if you allow them to exercise some influence over what happens when the team is being built. So you should get the team together and brainstorm team building ideas and then vote on the ones that the team actually wants to do. That means that the team and its members will get more out of the program once they are on it as they will feel more comfortable with the process.


We look at some team building games as well. Team building games are fun, of that there is no doubt, but there is little point in doing them unless they contribute in a positive way to the team building initiative. Some team building games are lazily assigned to a team when in fact they are inappropriate to the needs of the team and inappropriate to the goals of what the team are trying to achieve. If creativity is required for instance then its good to do some of the more creative team building games such as making an advert or a short film related to the eventual purpose of the team. But that may not be the best thing to do if what the team has been put together for is more physical or technical. They may want to do more team building games that relate to their tasks. For instance, if the team works in a factory with some dangerous tasks where trust is really required, then the team building game should involve trust as a massive component of it such as using a high ropes course or going rock climbing. Obviously, these should be done with highly trained leaders.

We also look at the different skills involved in team building, and how you can pick up those skills. We run through the team building tools which are available on the market to help you run your own team building programs. In addition we run through some full exercises and activities which have been shown to work for team building purposes.