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Team Building Basics

Team Building Basics

What are the team building basics?

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One of the problems that team building has is that it spent quite a long period building up a bad name for itself. This is mainly due to the amount of shysters who could set themselves as team builders and take companies' money saying they would build a team yet return to them people just as sceptical as they were before. Perhaps the best example of where team building had gone wrong in the past is an episode from the famous BBC program "The Office" where one episode is devoted entirely to a team building course, taking all of the clichés of old style team building and basically making the whole process look a bit pathetic.

This means that when you send people on a team building course you need to make sure that they understand why they are doing it, what the benefits are and how it will help them. Luckily, the team building world changed over the last few years so you are able to point to some very good example of successful programs that have taken place.


There is no doubt that team building is needed. People come together to work on a project and may have a few months to achieve a goal. Yet this doesn't give them enough time to get to know each other and how to trust each other to do the tasks that they have been set. Trust is very important as a starting point because in a good team each person has a task which is important to the team's overall success and knows this and if you have people on the team who do not trust any of the others or even some of the others then there will be difficulties.

The important thing to find out when you do a team building course is what everyone's capabilities actually are and what everyone's working styles actually are. If you have people who like to get straight on with the work and are not analytical and you have people who are very analytical and like to use that before they get on with anything then they might have problems working with each other. OR they might find that they work with each other well as their differing style complement each other. Team building when done properly can create a communication structure which could enable this to happen.

Communication is at the centre of successful team building. People need to be able to tell each other things, to give each other credit and even more importantly to be able to tell each other what has gone wrong without seeming to point fingers and have a blame culture. The new team building world can achieve this.