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Team Building Activity

Team Building Activity

What kinds of team building activity do you not recommend?

Not all team building activities are that worthwhile. In fact, you and your company could waste an awful lot of money on them if you are not careful. Remember that after the team building activity you need to be able to work well as a team together, and achieve the goal you were created for. Team building should never ignore that.

Here are some examples of team building activities that you may want to avoid if you want the process to be effective and not a complete waste of money or counter-productive to the original goal.


Cult team building: Oh my word can these sessions be painful. Basically the person who runs this session will tell you that they are bringing you the complete truth about everything in the world. In order for this complete truth to make sense to you though you must make sure that forget everything that you have ever learned before otherwise it might obscure the massively important truths that you are about to hear. Well, at least you would hear the complete truths if it wasn't for the fact that you can't find out about them until you buy the book that the course leader has written. There are brand new words in those books of course, but you have to buy it to find out what they are in order to use them when you get back into the office. The main nutrition for the leaders of cult team building courses are being able to humiliate the participants. So you should expect to share your inner dialogue amongst other claptrap. Then you may need to tell all the people on the room a few things that you don't like about them. This is supposed to be cleansing for your soul - but in fact all it will probably do is to limit your career!

Look, I memorized this book! - In the beginning there was an inspirational team building book written and it sold very well. Thousands of people memorized it and called themselves trainers and you have to endure dazzling PowerPoint slides and cartoons and it just gets painful.

Jump, and I'll catch you (no, really!): We're not here to trash outdoor team building activities - in fact they can be an effective and excellent part of the team building process. However, there is no doubt that there is an enormous potential for disasters to occur. Outdoor activities are sometimes done at the insistence of rather macho bosses as they like to judge the people in their teams by their ability to abseil down a cliff. It's actually very difficult to connect what you have done in an outdoor activity and the goals of the team.