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Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities

What are good team building activities?

The great outdoors provides a great range of team building activities. For example, it is possible to create a full adventure race through putting together a series of outdoor activities such as low ropes, games, canoeing and treasure hunt navigation. Your team can meet with everyday challenges during the race as well as some that they won't see every day. Ultimately though, the idea of outdoor team building activities are to show each person involved the benefits of working as a team together. On the other side, you will find that when people aren't working together or when one person isn't working with the team there can be big benefits. Skills that can be worked on are leadership, communications, decision making, collaboration, strategic planning, problem solving, conflict resolution and trust.

Rock climbing and rappelling are activities that can really help with communications, trust and transition. Before you go anywhere you learn about equipment use, knots and terminology. Then you can be taught climbing communications and basic movement techniques. Your team can progress at their own pace. When you are 100 feet up you have no choice but to trust people. You should make sure when you book a course of climbing and rappelling you should make sure that your instructors are experienced and certified.


Whitewater rafting is a particularly unique team building activity, where you have to paddle as a team down rapids on some great rivers. The reason why whitewater rafting is good for team building is that if someone is paddling in a different direction then you'll have trouble steering the boat properly and you could end up splayed against the rock. It's pretty much the same as what can happen in real life where if you are a team and trying to get to a goal you will have big problems if someone is pulling in the wrong direction.

Treasure hunt navigation is similar to the sport of orienteering. Essentially each team is given a map and a compass and has to find various objects around a area along a route before getting to their goal. They may start off with a clue to the first piece of treasure and then when they find each piece they get a further clue to the next piece of treasure. Otherwise they may get all the clues at the start and have to fine the treasure items as they go along until the goal. This exercise again relies on teamwork as you have to agree on routes to go and what the clues mean. If you can finish the course then you can look back on an excellent team achievement, if you don't finish then it is a good learning experience.