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Management Team Building

Management Team Building

Why do organizations do management team building?

When people are members of a management team, they feel that they have greater control over what happens in their lives. It means that they don't have to fear their leader's arbitrary use of the power they have. Individual organization members will identify more with the organization's goals, which is a good thing to happen, and will be more concerned about whether the organization succeeds should they be participating in the making of decisions about the goals that they have and how they will reach them.

Developing and building a good and cohesive management team is an absolutely essential part of the organization's development. Group members like to participate in the solving the team's problems and can learn more about the technical complexities involved in the task that the group is trying to work on. They can learn both from the leader and each other, but that is only when they are communicating from each other. Management team building can help to facilitate this process.


People have different motivations when it comes to working. Some of them just like to be paid, and be able to just buy food, but as you go up the motivational chain you'll find actually that most humans look for opportunities to gain higher self-esteem, more acceptance from other people and at the highest level self-actualization. Being a part of a successful management team offers members of that team to satisfy many of these higher levels of needs.

When you have a group with a management team then you can break down the status differentials existing between the members of the team and its leader. It also facilitates more honest and open communication between team members and the leader.

If a leader creates a management team then they can make it the principal vehicle that exemplifies the type of behavior that he or she would want their group members to use and learn from when they build relationships with their own subordinates. This is how to cascade effective leadership downwards into the organization. All of the resources of the work group can be combined to make sure that the decisions made are of a higher quality.

Central to the concept of leadership effectiveness is this building of the management team. It is how people can make their work group into a fully functioning integral unit instead of just an aggregate of individuals. The group is then able to govern itself within the freedom area that is allowed by where it is positioned in the organizational hierarchy.

The CEO and executives reporting to him are a management team, but you can have management teams at all levels of the organizational hierarchy. Team building is thus necessary at all these levels.