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Employee Team Building

Employee Team Building

The key to an organizations success

Why do organizations partake in employee team building? Many years ago if someone mentioned team building many managers would convulse with fear, but nowadays it has been found that employee team building is one of the main keys to organizational success. Organizations who take team building seriously have found themselves to be smart to betaking that view.

The main reason companies were not that comfortable with employee team building was that the range of courses on offer was simply not enough - and tended to simply be led by some weird facilitator who tended to act funny and dress even funnier and as for what they said, well if you wrote it down and read it aloud then you'd probably would convulse, but with laughter.


Today though, a well facilitated and well conceived team building session is one of the first things that an organization should do to make sure that they can achieve the outcome that the team was set up for in the first place.

The reason for this is that new teams are being put together all the time, and each team starts off as a conglomerate of people who don't know each other and have likely never worked together as well. It is likely that the way they were put together was as scientific as throwing a group of playing cards at a hat placed on a table and seeing which ones landed in that hat and calling them a team. Many teams are then set a goal that is more or less impossible to achieve and are given resources no more useful than a set of pliers and a roll of barbed wire.

Then the team gets a team leader, who tends to be chosen more or less as a fashion statement - for how well they would look in a sweater that is adorned with a bulls eye in the front and the back. This new leader only has a narrow window in which they can assume real leadership of the team. This is why a well-designed team building program should be important as a part of the early strategy of every team leader.

New teams will immediately try to test their boundaries with their leader. It's just how humans have tended to work since the start of time. Some people in the group may think that they should be leader. Others will be looking directly for your flaws so they can find proof they can't lead. Some like to have the chaos that comes from you failing and thrive on it.

So this is why organizations like to use employee team building programs. It enables them to get the teams communicating amongst each other and smooths the path to them being able to work together effectively towards their goal.