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Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building

How do you know that corporate team building has produced a focused team?

A really good program of corporate team building can produce a very well focused team. But how can you spot that your team is focused? Like with cooking, say, soup, it can be hard to spot when the ingredients have been put in well and mixed well and built up into something that is completely ready. You'll know that the team is totally focused when you feel that all of them are working towards accomplishing the same purpose. When this happens you'll find that teamwork is very productive and very rewarding. This can be achieved best when the members of the team are using a proactive approach to accomplishing their goal instead of a reactive approach.

The team needs to take a proactive approach to jointly determining how they work together in a team and what they wish to see happening when they work together as a team. Petty differences are set aside and when the entire team can operate in this way you will see unbelievable results occurring.


Individuals in a focused team commit to use their resources, their knowledge and their skills in contribution to the team's goals. When this happens the whole team becomes aligned to their overall purpose. In a way though, this can not happen unless all of the team members and the team leader adopts the correct attitude.

The correct attitude can be developed by articulating a very well-defined purpose and vision of what the team will be trying to accomplishing. The goals of the team should be aligned with the purpose of the team and members of the teams should feel that they are empowered to be able to achieve the goals. If this happens the team should be very productive.

A focused team will also view change positively, and are more likely to allow and accept changes when they are needed for desired results to be accomplished. They will understand that patience is a virtue for them, and that for some of the goals that they have they will need to offer a long-term commitment for the desired results to be accomplished.

This way the focus of the team and its leader will be on the desired results instead of on the activities of short-term problem-solving which can so divert a team's effectiveness. A focused team will be able to solve problems as they come along as part of the process of achieving the results that are desired. People need to focus on the current situation as well as the long-term result.

A focused team will have all members feeling control over the directions of the team. They can set their priorities and they are able to publicly support each other.