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Corporate Team Building Program

Corporate Team Building Program

What are the Characteristics of a Good corporate team building program?

A good corporate team building program will cause there to be a good level of interdependence amongst members of the team. The team leader will need to have good people skills and be totally committed to the team approach. Each team member needs to be willing to contribute. It helps if the team members develop of mutual trust of each other and there is a relaxed communication climate. This means that the members of the team can examine individual and team errors without resort to personal attacks.

If team members trust each other then they will be happy to take risks to achieve the team's goals. Those goals should be very clear and targets should be established clearly as well. Talking of clear, the roles in the team should be clearly defined as well. Where clear roles is not needed are when people need to create new ideas, which should be done by all team members, who get the feeling that they can influence the agenda of the team.


Team building programs work better when all members of the team are working jointly on a task that is of mutual importance. Each member should be able to provide their technical skills and knowledge in order to solve a problem, complete a project or develop some new programs. Team building is facilitated as the working relationships are evaluated by the members and this should lead to guidelines created that will increase productivity and the cooperation of team members. Team members learn how to manage conflict, how to manage the group performance and provide support and feedback to each other and encourage each other to continue their commitment to the goals of the team and thus the organization.

During the corporate team building program you may want to use some guiding principle to evaluate whether team effectiveness is being improved.

Team goals have been developed through team interaction and agreement and each team member is committed to those goals. All team members are participating in the achievement of the goals. Members are always asking for feedback and the feelings and interests of the team members are clear. Team decision making involves and encourages the active participation of all members. Team members share the leadership of the team as and when needed. Problem solving, critiquing team effectiveness and discussing team issues are encouraged by all of the team members. Conflict isn't suppressed and team members are permitted to express negative feelings - conflict is then managed in a way that it can improve the effectiveness of the team. Team members' resources are deployed appropriately and creativity and risk taking are encouraged.

Once you have evaluated this you can see where you have to improve and develop strategies for doing so.