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Team Building Corporate Exercise

Team Building Corporate Exercise

Is it worth organizing a corporate team building exercise?

The theory of corporate team building is that employees get motivated to be more productive team workers by going on retreats, meeting with inspirational speakers and going on outdoor challenge days. But when budgets are tight and you are making staff cuts, should team building be a corporate priority?

For instance, there was the electro galvanizing company that sent their mechanical experts to a pirate ship to learn to function better in their team. The managing director when interviewed about it said that they didn't know there were problems, they thought that problems may be festering without anyone knowing about it, and team building exercises can bring these problems out. The electro galvanizing company didn't want to have to fix the problems after they had developed and wanted to emphasize the importance of social skills in addition to technical training.


Many manufacturing companies have people joining them straight from school, which means that however good their technical skills are they may not have much experience with the workplace's social side. So the electro galvanizing company put teams onto a pirate ship or on a raft building course. Rather than team build in a meeting room - you can take them away off the company grounds where their inhibitions will be lessened.

It was during the economic boom of the 1990s that corporate team building exercises really grew, especially in America and Europe . The exercises include brainstorming sessions lasting a day to rugged adventures in the outdoors lasting more than a week. That doesn't mean that team-building actually originated in America - outward bound schooling was a European idea originally.

Companies kept up the team building efforts during the rougher economic times as conflict resolution and team composition are vital for productivity. Team building can help you get an insight into your strengths and your weaknesses. It helps you to respect the different behaviors and ideas of your team-mates and so you can build a better team for the daily grind of the workplace.

Corporate team building exercises sees teams assessed for how they are functioning during work or during an intensive outdoor exercise then you can link the training to dynamics in the actual workplace.

The possible downside of corporate team building is that many people are trying to balance work and their family. Then they are asked to go away for a week which puts more demands on their family life - yet they are afraid that if they turn it down it could reflect badly on their career chances.

You must also make sure that when evaluation takes place it is the team that is evaluated and not individuals. If the participants know that they will be assessed as a team then open communication will be fostered and not feared.