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Dummy video surveillance cameras

Dummy video surveillance cameras

Dummy or fake video surveillance cameras visually replicate fully functional CCTV cameras of all types from small dome cameras to large, outdoor bullet cameras. Internally, however there is normally nothing but a small set of batteries to operate the LED light. The idea is to make surveillance cheaper and accessible to more people, unfortunately that means having to forfeit the security of real surveillance systems.

Video surveillance cameras do not prevent crime; they simply discourage it by posing the threat of identification. That means that if potential burglars are to be put off by a dummy security camera system then that camera needs to look as real as possible.


Choosing a dummy video surveillance camera system

Dummy video surveillance cameras come in many shapes and sizes but the key to choosing the right one is quite simply to pick the one that actually looks like a real camera. There are a number of fake cameras available that look like they belong in a toy store as they are very clearly made of plastic. Many of these come with a small red 'record' light in an attempt to add a bit more authenticity.

The key to choosing a camera that looks real is firstly, not going for the cheapest possible model. Secondly, avoid plastic, especially if you intend to place the camera outside. Always look for cameras with a steel or aluminum casing and make sure the screws are also steel. If the camera is going to be outside, make sure it is weatherproof. Also look for a camera with a real video cable for added authenticity.

Other features found in dummy surveillance cameras include motion sensors that cause the LED light to come on when motion is detected and some models have a setting for a panning motion.

The price of a good quality fake camera can range from $6 to $70. Dummy video surveillance cameras with weatherproof aluminum casings, video cables and a flashing red LED 'record' light can be found for as little $20 online.

Dummy video surveillance cameras may help to deter potential burglars, particularly in the home where they may get the impression that the cameras are connected to an alarm system. Unfortunately no camera, fake or real, can actually prevent crime.