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Surveillance cam : the hidden option

Surveillance cam : the hidden option

A surveillance cam can come in many disguises and can be hidden in numerous places around the home or office, they can even be worn. Spy cams, nanny cams, web cams and hidden cameras are all used for the same purposes; to video areas or people without their knowledge.

Hidden cameras are not used to prevent crime of any sort for the simple reason that the criminal doesn't know that he or she is being watched. A hidden surveillance cam has only one purpose when it comes to security: to catch the perpetrator in the act. Employers use such measures to monitor their employees in the workplace and homeowners use hidden cameras or web cams to monitor the activity in their homes when they are not there.


Wireless and web cams in the home

Covert surveillance in the home is often used to keep an eye on hired help such as child minders, caretakers, housekeepers, builders or anyone else that may have access to the house while the owner is not present. This gives homeowners peace of mind, knowing that they can check up on their homes, belongings and loved ones. Another common use would be more accurately described as spying rather than monitoring and quite often this stems from personal issues. Spouses may purchase a clock radio surveillance cam to confirm suspicions of infidelity while parents may want to keep an eye on their kids when they are home alone.

Types of covert surveillance cams:

A surveillance cam can be hidden just about anywhere but the most commonly used hidden cameras are disguised as ordinary, everyday objects including smoke detectors, clocks, air purifiers, tissue boxes, picture frames, plants and even stuffed toys. Most of these items, such as clocks and air purifiers, are fully functional items which makes the disguise even more authentic. Prices for hidden cameras can range from $25 to $800.

Wireless surveillance cams

The term wireless refers the connection between camera and recorder. A wireless surveillance cam would use a transmitter and receiver rather than wires but unless it is battery operated, it will still need to be plugged into a power outlet. Most hidden cameras are wireless because it eliminates the need to drill holes in walls to feed wires through from camera to recorder, thereby making the surveillance setup far less obvious and much more flexible.

Battery operated surveillance cams

A surveillance cam that has been disguised as a teddy bear needs to run off a battery because it is not possible to plug it into a power outlet without evoking some suspicion. These types of hidden cameras can be useful because they can be placed anywhere and easily relocated whenever necessary. The biggest problem is that the battery will need to be recharged and this cannot be done without plugging the camera in.

Built-in DVRs

Some of the more expensive surveillance cams come with built-in DVRs (digital video recorders). These DVRs are small memory cards that record video footage as digital data which can then be downloaded onto a PC. A simple USB connection allows the user to plug the memory card into a USB port to view footage and save it onto the computer hard drive or a CD. Memory cards can range from 16Mb up to 512Mb and can be cleared of data to be used again. Hidden surveillance cams with built-in DVRs can be quite expensive and can cost considerably more than other types of hidden cameras. Prices range from $500 to $800.

Pinhole or micro cameras

Micro cameras are tiny cameras that can be hidden just about anywhere and can normally be found disguised as cigarette boxes, cell phones, buttons, baseball caps and sunglasses. However, they can just as easily be found hiding in various places around a home. Micro and pinhole cameras are often battery operated and wireless making them extremely versatile. Prices range from $50 to $800 depending on the system and equipment required.