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Home security systems : choosing the right system

Home security systems : choosing the right system Home security systems with integrated surveillance equipment are becoming increasingly common from video entry systems to digital surveillance. Hidden cameras have become a favorite for monitoring activity in houses while complex DVR systems are more popular for use with alarm systems.

Price vs. quality
Many vendors offer complete packages online for what seems like a good deal but low prices that seem too good to be true often mean the system on offer isn't of very good quality. When it comes to home security systems finding the best you can afford is certainly worth the peace of mind. See the video surveillance systems page for more advice on choosing the right system.


Knowing your needs
Deciding which home security system to get can be tough but the first step to finding the right system is knowing exactly what your security needs are. Smaller properties need far fewer cameras and far less complex security systems than large estates. You may want to include a number of cameras to cover both the exterior and interior of your home or you may just need one camera to see who's at the front door. The possibilities are endless.

Going digital: video camera monitoring
One particular trend that has recently become popular in home security systems is digital surveillance. Digital technology has taken the surveillance industry by storm and is even beginning to make its way into the home. The most popular home security systems now include surveillance systems with DVRs or digital video recorders. The features that make these systems so popular are as follows:

Remote surveillance - digital home security systems can be accessed from any remote location as long as there is a computer with Internet access. Read the remote surveillance page for more information.

Motion detection - motion sensors can be set to trigger recording only when movement is detected. The system can also be set to begin recording when the alarm system has been triggered while at the same time send an alert to the homeowner's computer wherever they may be. The alert can either be in the form of an e-mail with snapshots of the event that triggered the alarm or it can be set to send live footage via the Internet.

Hard drives vs. videotapes - when it comes to storage, videotapes are not the most effective medium because they degrade every time they are used. This means they will have to be replaced on a regular basis and that can get expensive.

Other home security systems:
Hidden cameras are commonly used for checking on nannies, housekeepers, babysitter and anybody else who may be in the house while the owner is out. Hidden cameras are also particularly popular for monitoring family - such as spouses who suspect infidelity or parents wanting to check on their kids. Read the surveillance cam page to learn about hidden cameras.

Video entry systems are popular and affordable home security systems that basically consist of an intercom with a camera. It enables people to see and speak to a person at the door without ever having to open it. To read more about this and other popular systems go to the home surveillance page.