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US Steel Buildings

US Steel Buildings

Steel buildings: planning ahead

While in the US, steel buildings are cheaper to buy than conventional buildings it is still essential to budget for the entire project from start to finish before committing to anything. Manufacturers provide an accurate estimate of costs relating to design, drawings and materials for construction. Other aspects of the construction that need to be taken into account are foundations, labor, erection equipment and tools. Foundations are an essential part of any building and should be designed by a qualified engineer. Additional features such as plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling, flooring and landscaping also need to be included in the budgeting plans.


Another important factor to determine before construction is whether a building permit is required or not. Avoiding this necessity could cause expensive problems later on so it is crucial to call the local building department to find out about building permit requirements. Code officials are available to answer questions, explain building codes and provide any other information that may be needed throughout the duration of any given project. Getting an accurate quote from a manufacturer depends on knowing which building code to follow, what the design loads are and any other structural specifications of the building. In most cases engineer stamped drawings and design calculations need to be submitted along with a permit application. All of this information can be provided by a code official and any documentation required for application, including the drawings, should be supplied by the manufacturer. Extra requirements could apply to buildings constructed in districts that fall under the jurisdiction of a planning commission or zoning board.

To help a construction project run more smoothly there are a few fundamental guidelines to follow:

Always read every line of the contract and the quote very carefully.

Spoken word has no power when it comes to contracts so make sure anything important is written down.

Nothing should be signed until the buyer is absolutely sure about what they want. Any changes made to an order or contract will cost so be wary of assertive salesmen.

When a building is being unloaded make sure everything is there so that any mistakes can be corrected as soon as possible.

Always follow erection drawings to be certain that the resulting structure complies with specifications and codes.

Be sure all erection crew follow safety guidelines stipulated in the safety manual.