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Steel Storage Buildings

Steel Storage Buildings

The Benefits of Steel Storage

Steel storage buildings are commonly used as self-storage units. Features that both parties look for in a storage unit are security, strength, space and low maintenance. The owner of a self-storage facility would prefer to spend as little time and money as possible on construction and maintenance making a pre-fabricated steel storage building the ideal choice.

There are a number of advantages to steel buildings:


Quick and easy to erect

Most steel storage buildings come as pre-engineered structures delivered direct to the building site and ready to assemble. Because they are pre-cut, pre-drilled and welded they are ready to be assembled as soon as they arrive on site. This makes the construction process much quicker and cheaper.


Many steel storage units have adjustable panels that enable the size of each individual unit to be adapted according to individual needs. These buildings are also easily expanded meaning new units can easily be added. Designed without any support columns, steel enables the maximum amount of floor space available to use.


Steel panels in steel structures are made from strong commercial metal and coated in an aluminum compound which means metal panels can last for up to 30 years without rusting. They are easy to clean and require very little structural maintenance. Robust enough to withstand severe weather conditions, steel storage buildings are manufactured to meet local building codes and weather conditions.

Safety and security

Metal buildings are able to withstand high temperatures sustaining minimal structural damage. It also means that if a fire should break out in one unit the likelihood of it spreading to other units is greatly reduced. Some manufacturers may take further precautions depending on what is being stored. This is particularly important for chemical storage buildings . There are a range of security systems that can be used to ensure the safety of each individual storage unit such as alarm systems and coded keypads both for entering and leaving the storage facility. The steel used is also reinforced to reduce the risk of costly physical damage done by customers, vandals or the weather.


Steel building companies deal with all aspects of the building project meaning there is only one company to deal with. A contractor can partner with a pre-engineering company to produce a package deal in which all project costs are included. Costs of steel buildings can be up to 50 percent less than conventional construction. Some insurance companies will offer reduced rates for steel buildings as there is a reduced risk of damage from fire.