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Steel Homes and Buildings

Steel Homes and Buildings

Steel homes are slowly becoming more popular throughout the U.S. as people become increasingly aware of the benefits of steel frame construction. Steel has been used for many years in commercial and industrial buildings but steel framing has only recently been introduced into residential buildings. Only between two and five percent of American homes have steel framing but this statistic is expected to rise fairly rapidly in the coming years.

When manufacturers first noticed this niche in the market they simply modified designs used for commercial buildings and shaped them into houses. As steel's popularity grows so do the options for steel homes. A wide variety of plans are available to choose from as well as custom made designs.


Steel homes are sold as home packages with design plans and pre-cut framing. Buyers can order standard and custom designed packages directly from the manufacturer who will then deliver it to the building site with all the components needed for assembly. Pre-engineered home packages do not include tools or machinery; these will need to be provided by the contractor hired for construction. Standard steel home packages cost between $6 and $12 per square foot. Larger homes and custom designs are likely to cost more.

Steel is not just confined to framing; roofs and siding are also available. Roofs are constantly affected by weather conditions, particularly hail and snow, so it makes sense to construct them out of a strong and durable material. Aluminum and copper are two of the most suitable options as both have high levels of resistance to corrosion and rust. Aluminum is also suitable for siding and has been used in areas of North America since the fifties.