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Steel Frame Homes

Steel Frame Homes

Steel frame homes are becoming the favored choice of homeowners across America and with all the added benefits it's easy to see why. Steel frame homes are pre-engineered and delivered to the site ready to assemble with all the components cut, drilled and labeled for easy construction. Once the steel frame has been erected the building can be completed with any other building material available, including brick, stucco or siding, to give the house a conventional look.

The strength of steel promises added protection against termites, mold, fires and severe weather. Steel framed homes stand a far better chance of surviving earthquakes and high wind speeds. The light-weight metal can absorb much of the energy from tremors and is strong enough to endure against wind speeds of up 155 miles per hour. Steel can also maintain its structural integrity for years without rotting, twisting, warping or swelling meaning they require little or no maintenance.


Steel frame homes may be more expensive to buy than conventional wood framed homes but savings on energy and maintenance are made in the long term. Prefabrication design and building methods may reduce some costs by saving on materials, labor and assembly. It is difficult, however, to assess the overall cost of purchasing a steel frame home because labor rates and availability of materials vary from region to region. The cost of wood is rising as supplies begin to dwindle so steel could be a good future investment.

Wood framing is one of the first materials to ignite in house fires and because steel does not burn, there is less risk of a house fire completely destroying the building. It is for this reason that insurance companies offer lower premiums on steel frame homes. Further savings of up to 60 percent can be made on energy costs.

Steel is considered to be an environmentally friendly building material because it is reusable. Approximately two thirds of all steel used in the US has been recycled and reused. Using steel also reduces the number of trees cut down for use in construction. Steel frame homes are also more energy efficient than their wood counterparts. This is mainly due to the design capabilities that steel allows, for example, more space for insulation. One story steel framed homes can be built with no support walls leaving a completely open living space. The lack of barriers means warmth from heating systems, such as fireplaces, can warm the entire house quickly and efficiently.

Always call the local building authority to find out about building permits before buying land for your new home. Bear in mind that a separate permit is usually needed for plumbing, electrical, cooling and heating systems. Steel frame homes can be financed through a bank or mortgage broker in much the same way as a conventional home.