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Steel Carports

Steel Carports

Steel carports are a secure cost effective way of storing your car out of the sun or over night. They are a versatile low-cost alternative to a fully enclosed garage or as an extension to your existing garage. They're also considered a home improvement measure and increase the value of your home for resale.

You can opt for single or double carports, combine your carport with a shed for tool storage at your finger tips or extend your carport to cover your patio for those afternoon picnics. Carports can also be used to shade your animals on hot days, act as a sand box cover or barbecue area.


Steel carports are a good investment because their heavy-duty components make much them more durable than plastic equivalents. This means they will be longer lasting and more likely to survive hurricanes or severe weather events. A standard steel car canopy should come with a 20 year warranty. Having a steel carport also reduces your insurance premiums for your car.

You can buy your steel car canopy ready made from a number of manufacturers but the most popular choice is DIY steel carport kits. Because the design is quite simple to construct even those with little or no building experience can accomplish it with a little effort. The average price for a DIY kit is roughly $6 per square foot.

Although a standard single carport is only four by six feet you may still need a building permit from the local building department. Check in advance to avoid complications. Most DIY carport kits come in a choice of 15 colors so you can match them to the color of your siding and make them blend in with your home.

You can also buy steel carport plans for about $0.35 per square foot and buy your building materials locally. This cuts down on transport costs and company mark up. However, this will take a lot more time and effort on your behalf, so consider this before you buy.