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Steel Building Manufacturers

Steel Building Manufacturers

When looking for steel building manufacturers it is always worth checking to see if they are a member of any construction associations or organizations as this will help to ensure the manufacturer chosen is reliable and provides good quality products and services. One such association is the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA). It was founded in 1959 with the intention of encouraging metal building design and construction in non-residential buildings. It requires all of its members to be certified through their rigorous quality certification program. There are two categories of membership. The building systems manufacturers consist of steel building manufacturers involved in the designing and selling of steel buildings. The associate members consist of affiliations between all main product groups within the association.


The AISC-MB certificate is a nationally recognized program designed for steel building manufacturers. It assesses the manufacturer's administrative, engineering, design and construction methods to make sure that the company is producing good quality structures that comply with legal regulations and public safety requirements. When a manufacturer is certified it means they have been examined by an experienced evaluator, outside of the company, who will scrutinize every aspect of the manufacturing process to make sure that the company is operating at its optimum level. Associations also help its member to stay up to date with new industry developments in both steel building systems and technology. This will give the consumer piece of mind to know that they are in good hands.

The MBMA website is very informative and can be found at www.mbma.com.