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Steel Building Kits

Steel Building Kits

What's included in a kit?

Steel building kits are a complete set of all the components required to construct a metal building. They come with pre-drilled holes and bolts to join the individual components together, like a large 3D jigsaw puzzle, to form the structure in a step-by-step method. The components are cut using computer technology for maximum accuracy. With 70 percent of the work done on the ground, pre-engineered buildings are designed for quick and easy construction. This means many consumers are able to build the structure themselves saving on labor costs. Consumers can buy steel building kits directly from the factory with no middleman interference. The parts may vary depending on what type of building is required and on the model, but in general most metal building kits will consist of the following:


Arches: Arched panels that can be raised and bolted together to create one long, solid structure which form the roof section and the two side walls of the building. Having arches in sections makes it easy to extend the length of steel buildings by simply adding more arches. Arches maximize the amount of floor space that can be used inside the building as they require no support columns. This is because panels are made from commercial steel and have corrugations running along the length of each arch panel which then strengthens the structure.


Base connector and anchor bolts: Base connectors attach arches and end wall panels to the concrete foundation using anchor bolts.

Bolts: Many metal building kits come with just one size bolt for all connections to make the construction much easier. Most also have polyethylene washers to seal the bolt connections.

Construction manual: All steel building kits should come with a manual providing a list of all of the components included and a step-by-step breakdown of how to assemble the structure.

Doors: Pre-drilled to fit into framed openings on the end wall panels, steel building doors come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

End wall panels: Walls that will go on either end of the structure and simply bolt onto the end arch panel and the base connector.

Open framework: Metal-framed openings that are designed for doors and windows which will be installed into the end walls.

Trim kits: Give the end walls a clean finish by 'trimming' or covering any exposed edges. They can also be used to customize end wall panels.

Vents: Designed to be installed into the end walls or roof, vents increase air circulation which helps to eliminate damp caused by condensation.