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Steel Barns Online

Steel Barns Online

Steel Barn Buildings

Steel barns have become a favorite choice for a multitude of applications ranging from agricultural uses to personal storage. Pole barns made with wood posts and members still remain popular as post frame building methods have vastly improved over the years. Pressure treated wood has increased the lifespan of pole buildings making them far more resistant against rot and insect infestations. Prefabricated building kits have also made an otherwise complicated construction much more accessible. Steel barns, however, still seem to have the upper hand when it comes to strength, durability and convenience.

One of the biggest deciding factors is ease of construction. Steel buildings are notorious for the fact they can be delivered to the site pre-drilled, cut, welded and ready to assemble. Whether it be the classic arch shaped buildings that have become such common sightings across the country to the more conventional style steel framed buildings, the benefits of prefabricated steel have not gone unnoticed.


Pole barns often involve a complex system of members to support the roof and brace the structure against vertical and lateral pressures such as wind and snow. Experienced carpenters and engineers with extensive knowledge of loads, building codes and other regulations are often needed. Even with building kits, pole barns can be a labor intensive construction. Steel framed barns can be almost as complex but still tend to be cheaper and quicker to build as well as the added benefits of strength and durability.

Steel barns are made from 22 gauge steel whereas pole barns with metal sheeting usually only comprise of either 29 or 30. Gauge is a measurement referring to the thickness of metal and the lower the number the thicker the steel. Another factor affecting the strength of the buildings is the fastenings. Nails and screws are normally used to connect the various components of pole buildings and tend to come loose over time. Bolts used in steel buildings however are more effective, more likely to stay in place and come with nylon washers to seal them tightly in place.

Pole barns may not be able to compete with steel on stability, robustness, cost or convenience but there is still a certain charm in the authenticity of a traditional American pole barn that, for some, cannot be beaten.