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Steel Buildings

Steel Buildings

Morton Buildings

Morton buildings have been manufacturing good quality buildings for over 100 years taking great pride in the aesthetics and functionality of their structures. The company specializes in pre-engineered steel buildings and wood framed buildings for residential and commercial use. They also manufacture structures for a range of other applications such as churches, recreational facilities and farming.

In 1971 Morton Buildings developed an insulation system, known as Hi-Rib acoustical steel that helps to reduce echoing and provide clearer sound in steel buildings. It claims to be the most efficient insulation system on the market today with a unique design that enables plumbing, electrical and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems to be installed between the wall and the insulation without penetrating either layer.


Why choose Morton Buildings ?

All employees involved in the design, construction and delivery of all Morton buildings are employed directly by the company. This includes salespeople, plant workers, designers and construction crews. This means that the customer will be dealing with the company directly regarding every aspect of the building including the warranty. Many warranties require the consumer to go through other suppliers but Morton deals with all aspects of warranty related issues. Morton also specializes in custom design buildings in both steel and wood.


www.mortonbuildings.com is comprehensive, easy to navigate and has plenty of jargon-free information on their products. Offers a free video or appointment for more information.

Contact details:

Postal Address

P.O. Box 399

Morton IL. 61550

Phone: (309) 263-7474

Fax: (309) 266-5123