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Metal Storage Buildings

Metal Storage Buildings

Chemical Storage building

Metal storage buildings are used to store everything from livestock to gardening equipment. These structures can be built for any purpose and come in a huge variety of designs and sizes, from simple arched buildings used to store hay to the more complex structures designed for self-storage . These buildings are strong, durable, low maintenance, can withstand all types of weather, are cheaper than conventionally built structures and quick and easy to erect. Metal storage buildings are ideal for chemical storage and are customized for use in storing hazardous materials. These buildings are used for many different types of commercial and industrial purposes as well as familiar places like schools, hospitals and golf courses.

It is essential that a metal storage building required for storing hazardous materials is constructed by qualified specialists to ensure that the building adheres to building codes, fire codes, electrical codes, environmental regulations and the standards stipulated in the Factory Manual. Each building is made according to the specific needs of the owner and the operational staff to make the structure user friendly as well as keeping it safe.


Such features include the following:

Adjustable shelving allows the storage building to accommodate different sized containers. Shelving is sometimes made to allow light filtration in order to keep the workspace and floor well illuminated.

Fire resistant separation walls to contain any fires within the building and prevent it from spreading into the surrounding area. Fire resistant steel and chemical resistant coatings help reduce the chance of structural damage if a fire should break out. Fire extinguishers should always be present where flammable materials are being stored.

Buildings that will be required to store liquids are made with a sump to prevent any leakage from contaminating the surround area. A sump is a built-in reservoir into which spilled liquid can drain preventing it from causing a safety hazard on the floor. The sump must be able to contain a minimum of 25 percent of the total liquid storage capacity of the building.

Some metal storage buildings are available with electronic spill monitoring equipment, neutralizing first aid kits and hydrocarbon absorbent kits.

These types of metal should always be situated outside on level ground or a level concrete foundation. If the structure is positioned within 100 feet of the main property it will need to be fire rated to ensure that any fire would be contained and kept away from the property. It is important to purchase these metal buildings from a reputable company who will have tested their products thoroughly.

Storage facilities should be tested against:
Freeze-thaw conditions
Interior pool fires

Hose streams

Vapor explosions

Drum explosions

Environmental exposure

There are a number of manufacturers who specialize in chemical storage and the following is a list of companies dealing in hazardous material storage buildings:

U.S. Chemical Storage - www.uschemicalstorage.com  

CID Associates, Inc. - www.cidbldgs.com

Environmental Compliance Products - www.ecpenvironmental.com

Benko Products Inc. - www.benkoproducts.com