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American Steel Buildings

American Steel Buildings

Steel Buildings Online

American Steel buildings have been manufacturing pre-fabricated structures for over 30 years now. These steel buildings are designed for agricultural, industrial, commercial, recreational and residential uses. There are three different building styles to choose from:

The Q-Model is shaped like a semi-circle and is offered in a range of sizes from 20' to 100' wide and unlimited length. This model is suitable for grain storage, livestock, boat storage, garages, workshops, airplane hangars and much more. These are designed to maximize the amount of floor space that can be used.


The S-Model has a very similar shape to the Q-model but rather than having a soft curve, the walls on either side are a lot straighter. This maximizes the amount of vertical space that can be used making it ideal for warehouses and other storage facilities.

The P-Model also has straight walls but instead of a rounded roof it tapers off into a slightly curved point at the top. This gives the structure a tent like appearance which makes it popular for residential uses such as garages, personal workshops, tool sheds and other backyard storage.

Why choose American Steel?

American Steel only use commercial quality steel produced in the USA . Every building comes with a 25 year warranty with a promise of protection against rust. The company prides itself on its customer service with the promise of having queries and consumer requirements addressed by a professional technician within 24 hours.

Website and contact details:



200 Bradley Street

McKees Rocks

PA 15136      

Phone: 1-800-457-2206