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Spyware Stormer - Online

Spyware Stormer - Online

Although Spyware Stormer markets itself as "the world leader in spyware prevention and elimination software," the program leaves much to be desired. In fact, The Spyware Warrior List of Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites recommends staying far away from Spyware Stormer.

The Spyware Warrior List reports a number of programs and Web sites that are not to be trusted, as they are sometimes affiliated with the very spyware programs they purport to erase. The list reports that Spyware Stormer is a variant of NetSpyProtector, NoSpyX and SpyVest; it is considered shady because there is no trial version, the information on its Web site, is extremely limited, and the 'free scan' reports false conclusions.


According to an online user forum, people ran into problems once Spyware Stormer downloaded onto their computers. It scans automatically when the PC is switched on, slowing down the computer and hindering user activity. It then requires registration and $30 to 'fix' the problems it finds. It also does not appear in the Add/Remove Programs menu; a suspicious sign that this program is itself spyware.

There are a number of legitimate, free spyware protection programs that can be downloaded in this one's place. Don't even chance it.