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Spyware Killer

Spyware Killer

Spyware Killer is a little-known software program designed to protect your computer from invasion by spyware. It is available for purchase, and for a 30-day free trial from its publisher, E-Tools Software at www.spywarekiller.net.

According to E-Tools Software, Spyware Killer is "different" because it includes a firewall, a pop-up blocker and "exclusive spyware removal technology." It also offers an 800 toll-free telephone helpline, a 30-day money back guarantee, and promises a response via email within 20 minutes of filing a question or request. However, Spyware Killer costs $39.95, which is twice that of most other spyware protection programs.


There is a suspicious lack of reviews about Spyware Killer, which prohibits possible users from making a fully informed decision on whether or not to choose the program. And on their Web site, there is no record of a history or of proven efficiency, as the pages for 'Awards' and 'Testimonials' do not have existing links. Its hefty price tag, lack of information and reviews, and somewhat amateurish Web site make it a suspicious product.