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SpyHunter - Spyware

SpyHunter - Spyware

SpyHunter is a software program designed to detect and remove spyware from your computer system. The most recent edition has a scanner that is available for free download from its publisher, the Enigma Software Group Inc., at enigmasoftwaregroup.com.

The Enigma Software Group, Inc. describes SpyHunter as "the latest in spyware detection and removal." According to the publisher, "SpyHunter will hunt down and remove from your machine all known spyware/adware that is on the market today." SpyHunter will also find and remove adware and keyloggers, prevent credit card theft due to spyware and provide overall security. If you purchase SpyHunter, you will also receive a free Enigma Popup Stop that prevents pop-up ads.


CNET, an online consumer reports site for the tech-savvy, only gave SpyHunter two stars out of a possible five, and recommends that "users look elsewhere for an adware-removal tool." This is because SpyHunter purported to find non-existent spyware and adware and had other questionable results. The free demonstration is also too limited to gauge SpyHunter's abilities.

However, TopTenReviews.com gave SpyHunter three out of a possible four bars for the purchased version.