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Search and Destroy Spyware

Search and Destroy Spyware

Spybot's search and destroy spyware

One highly recommended program that finds and erases adware components from your PC is Spybot's search and destroy software. The most recent edition is available for free download from its publisher, PepiMK Software, at www.spybot.info.

According to PepiMK Software, Spybot Search and Destroy is unique because it cleans user tracks from your computer, allowing you to safely share your PC with another person. Spybot Search and Destroy allows advanced users to fiddle around with registry inconsistencies that deal with their adware and program installations; it also includes an automatic update feature and a 'BrowserManager.'


Computer users familiar with the program give Spybot Search and Destroy four and a half stars on a scale of five, reports CNET, an online consumer reports site for the tech-savvy. CNET editors gave it five stars, saying that Spybot's search and destroy spyware "adds some truly useful features to an already excellent app." According to their testing, the most recent version of Spybot only took three minutes to scan, as compared to ten in the past. CNET calls the user track feature a "useful tool," and describe it overall as a "worthwhile upgrade."

Users reported that the interface can be a little complicated, but that advanced users should have no problem.