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Adware Remover

Adware Remover

Adware is, to be frank, incredibly irritating and difficult to remove from your computer. However, the risks associated with adware are so severe that every computer should be armed with an adware remover. In fact, all users should download one to work in conjunction with their firewall and anti virus protection programs.

Adware is tough to remove because it can hide deep within your computer system and is almost never recognized by the user in the Add/Remove Programs menu. So is there really an adware remover that can get the job done? Thankfully, yes. One of the most popular adware-specific removers around is Lavasoft's Ad-Aware, with over 100 million computer users relying on it to keep adware off their PCs.


The editors at CNET, an online consumer reports site devoted to all things technical, give Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition (the free version of Ad-Aware) a five out of five star rating. Ad-Aware users who contributed their input to the site gave it four and a half stars. CNET's review describes Ad-aware as doing "an excellent job of quickly finding and removing most adware and spyware components, although you will have to restart and rescan for a seriously infected machine."

One important aspect of using any adware remover is to keep it updated; an issue that is remedied with Ad-Aware's auto-update feature. According to CNET, "Ad-aware SE" should be part of your arsenal for keeping your machine free of adware and spyware components."

You can download Ad - Aware SE Personal Edition, from CNET at download.com. More advanced versions, Ad-Aware SE Plus and Ad-Aware SE Professional, are available for purchase through www.lavasoftusa.com.

If Ad-Aware does not present a viable option, there is another adware remover program that promises to clean your computer. BPS Spyware Adware Remover is made by Bullet Proof Soft, Inc. The software is available from www.bulletproofsoft.com. The editors of PC Magazine gave the BPS software three stars out of a total of five, while PC Magazine's readers, who are invited to contribute reviews via their Web site, gave it a meager two stars.

The reviewer from PC Magazine, Larry J. Seltzer, said, "The program identified 16 of our 20 spyware/adware programs and claimed to remove them. Yet it left numerous fragments of many, including Alexa, CommonName, and SaveNow. It also left the two key loggers and the Trojan horse NetBus intact."