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Adware and Spyware Removal Tool

Adware and Spyware Removal Tool

Top 10 tips to prevent the need for an adware and spyware removal tool

Prevention is always better than the cure, especially when running the gauntlet of erasing spyware with adware and spyware removal tools . There are a number of preventative measures you can take to keep spyware off your computer. Read on for our Top 10 tips.

  1. You are your own first line of defense. Keep an eye out for 'drive-by downloads,' which sometimes announce themselves with a pop-up box. If you find this happening frequently, re-examine the Web sites you are visiting.
  2. Investigate the fine print of freeware programs. Free software programs often come bundled with spyware; sometimes they will even mention the presence of the spyware in their user agreements. Read before you automatically check 'Yes' to the download.
  3. Ticks!

  4. Use HiJackThis , available at www.spychecker.com. HiJackThis prevents browser hijackers from taking over your Internet browser and redirecting your searches and homepage to other Web sites.
  5. Set your Internet Explorer security, it's there for a reason. On your computer, set the Trusted Sites security bar to Low. The Internet security bar should be set on Medium, and the Restricted Sites security bar should be set on High.
  6. Use the three-pronged approach to spyware protection. Be sure you download a spyware blocker, a detector and a cleaner.
  7. We suggest using two different forms of adware and spyware removal tools in order cover all your bases. One program may carry an update that another doesn't. Spybot S&D, available at www.spybot.info works well with Ad-Aware , available at www.lavasoftusa.com.
  8. If you use adware and spyware removal tools, keep them current; download all recommended updates and new applications.
  9. Run your spyware scan software often; don't let it go to waste. The more frequently you surf the Internet, the more often you will have to run the scanner.
  10. Add IE-SPYAD to your Restricted Sites list on Internet Explorer. Although IE-SPYAD will not block spyware, it will add a recognized list of Web sites that carry adware and spyware on them. It blocks cookies, prevents 'drive-by downloads,' fights pop-ups and blocks unwanted scripts from running on your computer. IE-SPYAD is available at spywarewarrior.com/uiuc/resource.htm.
  11. Understand cookies. Not all cookies are bad; some are helpful because they let Web sites recognize frequent visitors. However, advertisers and marketers use cookies just as often as valid sites. Bad cookies are tiny, 1-pixel graphics called Web bugs. Be familiar with how to enable or disable cookies on your computer.