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Microsoft.com Spyware

Microsoft.com Spyware

Microsoft.com spyware is called Windows Defender. Microsoft offers this program as a free download to all who want to protect their computer under the Microsoft brand name. The most recent edition is available for free download from Microsoft at www.microsoft.com.

According to Microsoft, Windows Defender makes it easy for people with varying levels of computer skills and technology know-how to detect and remove spyware. It uses regularly scheduled scans to keep your computer clean and if a spyware novice accidentally deletes a program, Microsoft.com spyware allows it to be effortlessly retrieved.

Windows Defender guards your PC in over 50 ways. It runs in the background and quickly restores any changes spyware may have made to Internet Explorer. The program uses SpyNetT, which is a voluntary community of computer users who work together to identify known spyware threats and inform Microsoft about them. Windows Defender updates itself automatically.


Users who have used the Microsoft spyware report on online forums that it is a "pretty good product," as it is able to detect adware and spyware that other programs miss. They also applaud SpyNetT as a terrific way to maintain up-to-the-minute updates. Their only concern? That Microsoft will decide to start charging for the use of their spyware software.