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Spyware Eliminator

Spyware Eliminator

Choosing the right spyware eliminator

So you consider yourself informed as to the dangers of a spyware infestation on your computer. And you understand that spyware protection is a mandatory part of maintaining a happy and healthy PC. But with a virtual sea of programs that promise protection, how do you decide which spyware eliminator is right for you?

When shopping around for the right program for your computer system, think about some important aspects of a spyware eliminator:


  • One that promises to eliminate both adware and spyware
  • One that corresponds to your level of computer skill. Spybot S&D is customizable, making it appropriate for advanced users. If you are a novice, perhaps you are better off sticking to a more basic, user friendly program.
  • Consider the browser you are using. For example, Spyware Blaster is better suited to Internet Explorer and Mozilla than to Netscape and Opera.
  • Think about speed. Some programs offer fast, frequent, abbreviated scanning, while others provide a slower, more thorough scan.
  • Additional features such as a pop-up blocker and customizable interface. Ask yourself if you are willing to pay for these features. Reputable sources like Google and Yahoo! offer spyware protection along with their toolbars, but don't be fooled or swayed by perks such as these; remember that it is always possible to download these additional programs separately from your spyware eliminator.

If you truly don't know where to start, begin with price. Are you willing to pay for a subscription or are you interested in free software? There are a number of free scans and spyware eliminators that are as effective as their paid-for counterparts, but make sure you are aware of what's in the free version and what is in the subscription version; you don't want to be caught unawares. Spyware Doctor, for example, offers a free trial scan, but only the subscription version will remove the spyware.

Another way to get started is to browse our Top 5 free spyware downloads . These are the most popular programs on the market. When choosing the right spyware eliminator, keep in mind that there are some features we recommend you look for. Does the program offer automatic updates or do you have to remember to do it yourself? Does the program install these updates automatically or is it the users' responsibility to download them? And will you remember to do so?

If you think you really are completely lost, check out the reviews and articles supplied by PC Magazine, or read through tech-savvy consumer report sites.