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Anti Spyware

Anti Spyware

How does anti spyware work?

What exactly is anti spyware and how does it work? Anti spyware is any software designed to protect your computer in one of three ways: by blocking spyware from entering your computer, by detecting any existing spyware on your system, and then by removing or 'killing' any spyware that the program finds.

Anti spyware works by scanning through your computer for any suspicious code that it knows shouldn't be there. When the anti spyware finds code it doesn't recognize, or knows does not belong, it compares that code to a database of known spyware. When the codes match up - presto! The spyware has been identified and caught. All anti spyware programs contain these databases of known coding, called 'signatures.'


Anti spyware programs vary in size, complexity and ability. The more thorough anti spyware programs have larger signature databases, and thus can detect a wider range of spyware. As new spyware is coming out all the time, with all-new coding, it is necessary to always update your anti spyware signature database. This way, your spyware protection program has the resources to arm your computer against any new software that may appear in the picture.

However, because programmers are constantly working to create new spyware and thus new coding, it is always possible for the anti spyware to come across a new code but not have the resources, i.e. signature, to recognize it. To prevent a situation like this it is important to use two different types of anti spyware software. One program may then catch any coding that was skipped over by another.

Sadly, it is nearly impossible to guard against all coding - spyware programmers are simply too dedicated to their jobs. When anti spyware does not have a spyware signature in its database, there is no chance of offering any recognition and protection. This is where the method of relying on a signature database is flawed, for as soon as spyware without a recognizable signature crops up, which is bound to happen eventually, the anti spyware program is of no use.

But technology is advancing all the time, and there is always the possibility that spyware and anti spyware will continue to grow, and to defeat one another, together.